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utm_source=internal&utm_medium=support_forums&utm_campaign=Blizzard CS______________________________________________________The same thing has just happened to me after updating to 5.2. I've followed every set of instructions on a number of different threads: reset/turned off my computer and modem, repaired my game, renewed my DHCP lease, and flushed my DNS address. The strange thing is that I was playing earlier today, just a few hours ago without a hitch.

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So, my doubt: since those Maps are unmanaged, whenever I query Realm for an object of that class only the mirror Realm Lists are retrieved, obviously.

Is there any way that I can fill those maps on retrieval (like a hook or something like that) instead of having to call any magic method in the class to do it for me?

When I try to log in I see "connecting" and then "success". If I click cancel then it stays at "loading realm list" forever. Now today the 3rd day, when I click cancel on "success" it brings me to the realm list and it says they are all up, but if I select my realm and click okay I receive the message "retrieving realm list" and it stays on that forever.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. go into the Data folder and delete the other Cache folder. Unplug the power from the modem and the router (if applicable)3. Plug in the modem first and wait for it to completely boot up5.

Normally I would investigate for myself, but sadly I have some time constraints Thanks a lot Hello and thanks for your answer.

Yes, I have seen that and that is exactly how I persist a Realm List that has the same data as the Map.

Just remove your game completely and install it from https://bitbucket.org/Malaco/cataclient/downloads/AT wotlk 3.3.5a Windows.torrent and adjust from Data/en GB/.

Putting in your email address forces the client to update. :) - Capable Greetings Elementzz, I see you are having trouble with the realmlist. We are running 3.3.5a server, so your game client should be 3.3.5a too.

Do you have any other computers running on the same network? ______________________________________________________There are many computers on the network.


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