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5 Food Animals That Are Smarter Than Your Pet Could a wearable device help you train your dog?The mother of jailed British tourist Laura Plummer is leaving Egypt on Friday and will not return because the experience has been so 'traumatising'.

Stunned, the woman from Hull sobbed before slumping to the floor - after which she was taken to the notorious Qena prison, home to convicted jihadis and other serious criminals.

Speaking about Laura's plight, Jayne said today her sister was 'confused' and behaving strangely in prison.

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K.'s fight against loneliness to the possibility of a lost civilization in the Grand Canyon, catch up on some of our best stories of the week here. Did Johnny Appleseed really plant apples all over America? How does the Puls Wearable differ from a smart watch?'Her whole life is flashing before her eyes,' she said.'Mum said she kept having flashbacks of being a small child.But Jayne said the family just wants 'shy, quiet' Laura to come home after her horrific experience.She said her sister - who 'can't even watch Jurassic Park because she's scared of dinosaurs' - is not suited to prison and has previously warned she could die behind bars.But after turning up to visit her daughter at a jail in Cairo her mum Roberta Synclair, 64, discovered Laura had been moved 150 miles to the notorious hell-hole.

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