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However, Eirriss's fighter was damaged in the dogfight.Antilles instructed Eirriss to eject so that Dantels could pick her up in the Starduster, but Eirriss instead set a collision course for the oncoming second wave of Imperial fighters, telling the other Rebels to leave without her.

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Pressing on once more, the group eventually came across the plant they needed and were able to retrieve an extract.

They were still in the jungle when Darklighter received a call on his comlink ordering him back to base—the Empire's Death Star battlestation had entered the Yavin system and was moving to destroy the Rebel base.

Dantels and the others jumped to hyperspace moments after Eirriss's starfighter collided with the Imperials, and proceeded to the Rebel base on Yavin 4.

Dantels remained on Yavin 4 and agreed to go on a date with Darklighter, spending the evening walking the parapets of the ancient Massassi Temple that served as the Alliance base.

Sensing that Darklighter was distracted, Dantels asked what was wrong, and he explained that his friend and fellow pilot Derek Klivian was dying As the three Rebels proceeded through the jungle, Darklighter was attacked by a swarm of viper wasps, but Dantels was able to repel the insects with a smoke grenade.

Soon after, however, a large mamien attacked the group, taking Darklighter by surprise and knocking him to the ground.

In 0 BBY, the Alliance had a critical shortage of astromech droids, and Dantels arranged to rendezvous with members of Red Squadron on Commenor to deliver a dozen R2 and R5-series astromech droids to the Rebels.

The group came under attack from Imperial TIE fighters as they attempted to leave the Commenor system, but Dantels managed to take the Starduster to hyperspace and followed Red Squadron to the Rebel base on Yavin 4.

While there, Dantels helped Red Squadron pilot Biggs Darklighter to find a rare plant in the jungle, an extract from which was used to treat pilot Derek Klivian, who was suffering from an unknown infection.


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