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Vernon resident who has played a lot of ball, written about others playing a lot of ball and loves to wax eloquently about Mt. We are fortunate to have access to many of his short stories and observations to show here.

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The fire heavily damaged the main building of the complex at 612 West Second Street and forced evacuation of employees and nearby residents.

The cause was determined to be an apparent flour dust explosion in a filtration system in the southwest section of the fourth floor said Fire Chief Roger Waters. A spokesman of the Indiana State Fire Marshall's Office said the fire caused between $500,000 and $1.5 million in damages. Mc Donald's and Subway donated food and drinks to be served to those fighting the fire and watching for hot spots through the night.

The company's storage elevators were not damaged by the blaze. Mc Kim's IGA donated hot chocolate and Toler's and Platoline donated coffee and plastic cups.

Waters said the filtration machinery had been shut down for several hours for routine cleaning and the fire started after the system was started back up. New Harmony brought a ladder truck as did Evansville as Mt. Workers with the Posey County Red Cross were also on hand. The music scene had changed for us, much of which not to our liking.

If you ever get a chance to see her she is the real thing. Horizon Cable Television has now hooked up over 1500 homes and hopes to have everyone scheduled and hooked up soon who wants the service.

At one time she was on the cover of Newsweek or Time for being part of social change in America. Windshields were shattered when four men tried to break a picket line at Archer Daniel's Mill where negotiations are deadlocked. [This] detailed and entertaining book about early naval submersibles will inform students, scholars, and general readers.” —Joseph G. The preeminent volume on the subject.” —Mike Bunn, Alabama Review“Chaffin's skillful integration of historic documentation and the archaeological materials illuminates how vital both sources are in gaining a clearer understanding of the past . An authoritative text on the vessel.” —Michael Christopher Tuttle, Journal of Military History“Dramatic, well-written and filled--perhaps overfilled--with fascinating information, Chaffin's chronicle of the H. Hunley belongs on the bookshelf of every military history aficionado.” —Chris Patsilelis, St. If there is a Civil War or local history buff on your Christmas list this year, you could hardly do better than to present them with a copy of this book.” —John Sledge, Mobile Press-Register (Alabama)“The volume can stand as the best available to date.” —William H. After sort of a sabbatical, TJ and I looked for a concert we could get into again. I found that Joan Baez was going to be on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.When I ordered the tickets on the phone, I asked if he could deliver a letter from me to her before the show. Joannie was a favorite of mine and I had read two of her autobiographies.In a tour de force of document-sleuthing and insights gleaned from the excavation of this remarkable vessel, the distinguished Civil War–era historian Tom Chaffin presents the most thorough telling of the Hunley's story possible. Hunley provides the definitive account of a fabled craft. Each detail is sharply etched and dramatically told for a compelling read.


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  2. This causes a surge in viewership, with many viewers, including Sylvia, cheering on Truman’s escape attempt.

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