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My mind starts thinking about the ad I just saw for one of our favorite retailers and I think I need to get there.

Craftiness sets in and it is about time for the season to take hold of my spirit!

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Having framed photos already placed on the walls is an open invitation to ‘deck the walls’ and I took myself up on it.

I simply fell in love with this framed snowman art.

As can be seen, dressing up the table, and adding on a snappy new element of holiday spirit by spreading one tablecloth and a few matching napkins changes the spirit of the room.

Additionally, a bin stacked with holiday linens was calling my name and I am so glad I answered:) ( hahaha).

Each year as we head to our attics, and then gather all the totes I am reminded time after time that decor eventually breaks down.

We all have our favorite pieces of decor, and our favorite lights but sometimes it is time to part ways.I just wanted him to know we were not going to be there when he got home, and if you know me, a ‘quick’ shopping trip is 3 hours give or take a bit (lol).I never know what I am going to find but there is always a store full of possibility and a staff that is friendly ( you know that I love that)!A simple fix to throwing away some items is knowing how to update your holiday decor and remember there are so many new things in the store that are waiting to become part of your home!There are things we all crave for decor that we hold off on buying until the other stuff no longer functions and my home was at this crossroads.I bought new red bows (so reasonable) and packages of 10 LED tear-shaped lights that are run by batteries.


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