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The Leftorium would remain the Flanders family business ever since.

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While enjoying a day at the NASCAR races, Homer's shirtless antics inadvertently cause the death of Ned Flanders' wife, Maude, and Flanders begins losing faith when Homer bungles his way to helping his depressed neighbor.

Ned Flanders has lived next door to The Simpsons for so long that he’s often been the star of many episodes.

Over the years, we’ve learned there’s a lot more to Ned Flanders than his devout Christian ways.

Here are the best Flanders episodes of Springfield installs surveillance cameras (like London) after a bomb scare, and Flanders ends up in charge of it.

” A timely episode due to the rash of school bullying incidents in real life, Springfield passes an anti-bullying law and Homer gets sent to a sensitivity course.

When Homer actually reforms, Ned refuses to forgive him.Only at the last minute, Homer jumps in front of the baptism for Bart in a classic moment of religious satire. Bart breaks his leg at a pool party and takes to spying on the neighbors.He thinks he sees Ned Flanders kill Maude, but no one will believe him.It was a satisfying moment when Edna stood up for herself against Ned’s judgement.The audience voted for whether or not “Nedna” would stay together, and I’m glad they decided they would.The explanation is appropriately ridiculous and utterly believable as classic Ned.


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