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Sections include "dating advice," "dating," and "relationships" as well as specific feeds focusing on actual websites and apps.

One humorous anecdote comes from someone called Oedipus, who writes that he accidentally found his mother on Ok Cupid.

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A lot of the topics covered are a lot more serious.

One woman talked about how she wants to better communicate "clear intentions to my Tinder hook-up".

"Better than finding her on fetlife (a bondage dating site)," is one of the responses.

It emerges later that actually, lots of people find their family on dating sites because it's so likely that relatives share interests and locations.

Another tale, from Flaming Eagle, documents the users' Tinder move in which he opens the conversation with a game of Connect4.

447 people commented on the post, offering their own insight on the technique, or suggesting some other way of opening a conversation with a complete stranger.This game will be remembered for a play by California All-American Roy Riegels in which he scooped up a Georgia Tech fumble and ran towards his own goal line.After finally being stopped at the one-yard line, California had their punt blocked for a safety which gave Georgia Tech a 2-0 lead.The success of the Yellow Jackets has set the bar extremely high for the fan base and missing a bowl game is unacceptable.Luckily, dating back to the start of the 1997 season, Georgia Tech has not missed out in making a bowl game. There's a new study carried out by Georgia Tech's (GT) College of Computing on the digital age of dating.


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