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I remember them being about thirty, if memory serves me correctly.Her husband who I heard was ten years older died from Prostate Cancer seven years back , so she's had a rough time but seems capable in her activities in the city, the city library she manages and the badminton team she plays in.

Unfortunately, I was looking down at her legs, and I readjusted my gaze, seeing a surprised look on her face. She stepped away, her hands on my shoulders, and she said "If I find anything else that needs fixed, I'll give you a call, okay?

She then smiled, and said "Would a pair of twentie's be enough, Bryn? " I grinned, "Yes, no problem." She squeezed my shoulders, and said "Good, thanks again." as she walked by me towards the front door.

I also saw she was rather flushed, glancing at the meat, and nervous.

"Um, let's go in and I'll give you some money for what you've done so far, Bryn." "Don't worry about it, Mrs.

And of course, pretty much any home maintenance routine.

Once finished, I came downstairs, trying to find Mrs. I guessed her to be in the garden, and since I had to take the tools I used back out anyway, I opened the garage door, and as I walked on, she was just exiting, carrying a piece of frozen meat from a big chest freezer in there.

I saw her smile turn into a slight frown, Tim had been a pupil too. I'm glad to hear it." she said, dusting her hands off on her slender rump, her knockers swaying and bouncing in the action. I knocked promptly at ten, and she opened the door, wearing just a bathrobe.

Wanting to the keep the conversation going, with intentions of ogling her lush body I asked. Your flowers look terrific this year, as usual." Her face lit up as she glanced down her cleavage and adjusted where her blouse had slipped. I suddenly felt a bit awkward, not sure why, but I was, looking at my watch. I'm sure Mum has some things for me to do." She smiled, and she said a bit nervously, "Okay Bryn." Then she stopped me, saying "Oh, by the way, would you mind helping me by doing some work around my house? My eyes boggled at the sight of what looked to be unfettered tits and nipple bulges. I followed her up to a bathroom, and entering she said "I need the taps changed," handing me a box, as she went on "I've some tools in the garage, I'll show you what's there.

My cock went to full alert, but thankfully I remained in control. She sighed, closed her purse back up putting it down.

Back down, I followed her to the dining room, where she extricated her purse from a large brown leather handbag, and turned suddenly. I was surprised when she then faced me, stepped close and slid her arms behind my back, and hugged me tightly. I appreciate this." Oh god, I could feel my rock hard cock pressing into her belly, and I knew she had to feel it. Fisher." I added, feeling her tits against my chest.

Tim was killed in a car crash on the M3 motorway over a year ago, and from what I've heard, it left her devastated.


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