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One of which he is particularly proud is from Becky Hope, the pseudonym of a social worker whose memoir All in a Day’s Work chronicles her years in child protection.

While Narey does not mind criticism, what he really does not like is his dedication to the task being questioned.

He discussed the possibility of some kind of advisory role with Loughton – for whom he is full of admiration despite never voting Conservative – when he left Barnardo’s in January.

Loughton does not agree with all Narey’s views and insists they are not government policy.

“There’s so much anger felt by social workers towards him as an individual …

he’s got his work cut out in terms of his government role,” she says.

In particular, he has reservations about the recommendation that social workers should spend less time assessing friends and family carers before considering adoption.

Still, the two men are firmly on the same page when it comes to boosting adoption rates.

The system is gripped by an unfounded optimism of the capacity of parents to change.

“When we’re looking at children in neglect we just have to put their interests first.

“I don’t think people should doubt my commitment to try to improve the lives of children who will otherwise have lives of failure,” he says.

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