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I’m sure it was way harder for Mom to explain her pregnancy to co-workers, but she managed it somehow.

“Get to work people,” a voice from the back of the room ordered us.

Usually, Elizabeth and I sat on the right side of the table and left the other side vacant, since we weren’t working as a full team.

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“So Ray,” Elizabeth asked, “what do you think the new workers will be like? “If they’re girls, do you think you might get along as well as you get along with us? I finally choked out, “Unless they’re as horny as you two are all the time, I doubt that will be an issue.” “Do you have a problem with us being horny? “Well, we used to only fuck at night, but now you’ve been getting me up in the morning to fuck before work. ” “Sorry baby,” Mom said, “but all the pregnancy hormones are making us super horny.” “Yep,” Elizabeth added, “and we’ve been getting even hornier as the delivery date gets closer.

” “I can’t say until we’ve met them; they could be a lot of things. I can’t stand having to wait all day at work without having you inside me.

You can call me Trish by the way.” I figured I should speak too, so I said, “Sure thing, and don’t worry about the job; It’s not that hard.

And like Lizzy said, you have us here to help.” I noticed the two glance at Elizabeth’s enormous belly, but neither one brought it up.

She had bigger breasts than the first girl, but neither could compare to my sister’s: even before she was pregnant. “You can call me Lizzy, short for Elizabeth, and this is my brother Ray.

She seemed nervous too, but both jumped from their seats once they noticed our entrance. We’ve been working here for a few months, so if you have any questions feel free to ask either of us.” “Great,” this time the blonde girl, Trisha, spoke, “I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions.

A downside was the team we were on was supposed to have four people, but only the two of us got hired, so for the last few months it’s been the two of us doing as much work as four people. It perfectly complemented her large round tits, which seemed to have doubled in size.

We managed though, mostly because we turned out to be really good at it. As she moved her hands down her plump midsection, some of my thick cum oozed from her tight slit and onto the bed.

A computer sat in front of each chair to complete our work station.

The desk in the back also had a computer, thought it was newer and had a larger monitor.

I wasn’t trying to be a rebel mind you, I just didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of feeling superior. Martha would always give extremely frank answers, like ‘good’ and ‘slow’.

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