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She wasnot at all aware what was on my mind, because she had no reason to either, I was never thought ofher in any sexual way before until now. But, one thingfor sure I really want to fuck her here.She cleaned up table then moved to cleaned up kitchen. She paid off our home loan and still money left over forweeks vacation in Europe.

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She wasshocked and surprised " oh my, what are you doing ?

" She added " oh my god, stop that and put yourshort back on". She grinned at my cock then said " Well, I cleaned you and changed your diapers for few years, Think I can handle a hand job ".

I realized the hard part is over, Mom is willingto fucks if everything safe.

She added " My period ended yesterday so condom is an extra precaution You can't get prego until you ovulate and you don't ovulate until around 14 days after your period".

She was right, the cabin few degree cooler but still pretty hot because We were stillsweating in there. She laughed and said " yes I know, I put on a few pounds and I should havetries out the bikini before took it with me down here, its to tight on me".

Mom T shirt was sticking on her body, middle of t shirt in her back soakingfrom her own sweat. We finished our lunch fast andas Mom stood up about to cleaned up table. Her 36DDD boobs so over filled and spilled over the bra.

We are also in middle of the sea, so no one will knows about it mom. She shaked her head " It was my fault, I should have know better,you are a young man now and I should be careful what I'm wearing around you". Her big sweaty boobs was giggling in wave as she stroked my cock faster and faster in full motion. But, She tilted forward and she wrapped my cock between her boobs and stroked my cock with it.

Her voice sorta backto normal tone now and her eyes was peeking at my hard cock few time. My heart skipped a beat when I heard she said " What do you want me to do? After awhile, I confessed to her " Mom, I am to nervous to focus, you might remove the bra ? I was moaning and moving my hips up and down tits fucking her.

I replied " Mom, I can't help it, I haven't get any for six months, and Your hot bodyreally effecting me, If I don't get off then I will be walking around here with a hard on for two weeks, I am so sorry". She smiled thensaid " Ok, You should sit back on the chair and relax ".

Mom grabbed the kitchen towel covered her boobs and stomach. I replied " They did these stuffs thru out history, few tribes in south American,and Africa still practicing it. Mom interupted in un-easy voice " want me to jerk off you ? She got on her knees in front of me, Her soft warm hands rubbed on tip of my cock then slowly stroked down to based, She seems to master theart.

." She glancedat my eyes but She didn't reply a word, few seconds later she pulled string on the back of her neck. We prolly went at it for over ten minutes, She then slow down cuz We were both sweat heavy from all that action and heat. Her eyes wide opened and face turned red under that tanned skin. but I am your mom kiddo" I assured her again" No one will knows mom, and there is not that much difference between you Jerk-off me or I inside you,just skin contact".


  1. It is sometimes referred to euphemistically as "the world's oldest profession" in the English-speaking world. Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution.

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