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Attorney Jeffrey Allen is associated with other vicious monetized websites, such as and The list of abusive and ruthless monetized websites that Jeff Steinport is very long.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport does everything he can when using his most ruthless websites to try and stay anonymous, so that the public does not find out what an unethical person this is.

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This individual really screws over Americans and ruins people's careers and reputations, then advertises as an Attorney to represent people with consumer and employment matter.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport is a cowardly individual who makes every attempt to hide his real identity from the public, while he appears to get his kicks out of destroying the careers and reputations of thousands of people in the United States.

This individual should have undergone a thorough psychiatric examination before being issued a law license.

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They ruin people's careers and reputations with their websites refuse to remove anything so you out there in the public need to pay a ransom, or of course hire some Lawyer for something that you should never even need a Lawyer for.

So, with this individual you link his computer skills learned to harm people in the United States along with his law license that he now uses to completely abuse the public and if anyone questions his criminal behavior he uses this law license to bully, harass, intimidate, oppress and threaten anyone who does not want to have his career and reputation affected by this criminal in anyway.

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