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And turning -– don’t “prepare” to change direction; you must be ready when moment is right and you must act without hesitation.

To turn well, you shift your behind in the opposite way of your legs to shift balance for a sharp turn.

Something about your ‘too good to be true’ comment got me thinking about the big twinkie experiment of 1998.

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The whole thing is like making your body spin two parts in opposite directions like one of those ultra high speed jet engines, only more graceful.

To keep control, you’ve got to leave yourself hanging out there – butt and legs going east and west – all while emptying your mind and enjoying the ride.

They wanted him, even though he failed high school algebra 4 times.

Examples of flawed humanity, like a beautiful sunset, are present every day – if only we make ourselves aware to both kinds of beauty.

It did get a little bit dryer, but not smelly, fly-attracting, or gag-awful. I on the other hand am a cornucopia of flawed humanity.

I write one partially inspired manuscript after another in a vain (hopeless, not vanity) attempt to capture teen angst, or the deceptive nature of evil faking good-gasm.

And I learned that twirling and spinning your way down gives you more control than keeping your sights straight ahead and bracing for the bumps.

You can’t outbrace bumps, but you can twirl through them.

I saw a TED talk this week about program evolution.

Instead of trying to write the best program, the guy was just feeding “words” into a program that was generating a billion random programs, then testing each one that actually compiles against some kind of outcome, like sorting numbers.

(*Book of the Soul was the title of the religious ideas book I never wrote.

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