Justin timberlake and mila kunis dating

People are already excited to see the movie, but all this ambiguity just makes the whole film that much more enticing.

Even though we think they're secretly dating, we admit that they can break up right after the movie's released if they aren't digging each other then.4.

justin timberlake and mila kunis dating-4

They look happy together: Every time these two are together in public, they're smiling and having a good time.

Sure, the groping incident was just a gag, but how many non-couples could pull that off?

Is it us or does that anonymous source protest too much?

It kind of reminds us of that Angelina Jolie interview where she said that she would never go for a married man and didn't "need" Brad Pitt as her lover. Perhaps Jessica Biel is on her way to becoming the next (younger, and technically never married) Jennifer Aniston in a different Hollywood love triangle.

Today marks 33 years that Justin Timberlake has graced the planet.

And in those awesome/talented/swoon-worthy years, the birthday boy has wined and dined a lot of Hollywood ladies.

And yet, despite the fondling, they remain insistent that they are not in fact dating.

But here's five reasons why we don't believe them.1.

Because they're clearly obsessed: If you don't recall, Timberlake told the world a year back -- when they were filming -- how obsessed he was with Kunis.

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