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Some rules for phone etiquette that will help you date.

You know, it's funny how differently people conduct their dating life from every other aspect of their life. Not only that, but how you come across to others would be better because you would not be so emotionally-driven and attached to every single outcome.

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That is the super safe, gracious, well-mannered guideline. Perhaps you wanted to phone your new contact you met online at the end of your day when you are relaxed, not frazzled and about to do 5 other chores and tasks, after the dishes are washed and put away, and the pots and pans are scrubbed and clean. Just know that if you phone after pm, you might risk disturbing someone’s sleep who is an early riser.

You run that risk with phone a little later at night.

Much like the guidelines for phoning, so follows the guideline for sending text messages.

However, the text message, you might be feeling, really isn’t the same as a phone call. A text message you can ignore more readily than someone phoning you. They are now feeling at least irritated by you, and think you lack many of the social graces. Your anchor in their emotional nonconscious mind is with the irritation of being awoken in the middle of the night. That is not what you want to trigger at the very beginning.

That person did not make you a priority, and they played games. If someone calls you promptly after you've given them your phone number, then you should call them back within 24 hours – but it is even perfectly fine to call them back the same night they call you. It looks like you actually have manners, that you're someone who pays attention to detail, and that you're someone who respects other people's time. When someone calls you, they are taking time out of their day to talk to you.

Although the person decided to call you, what they were likely actually doing during those four or five days was debating whether they wanted to call you. I know that when I get a woman's phone number and I wait four or five days to call her, that I'm really not that interested in her and I really don't care whether or not she calls me back. So it is not only “ok,” but really simple courtesy, to acknowledge this with a promptly returned phone call.Even if you're busy, call the person back promptly to let them know that you're busy and tell them you will connect with them in a few days when your schedule settles down.To wait four or five days to return a phone message, however, to me is simply rude.This is something we do in business every day without ever thinking twice about it, but we don't do this in our dating life because we conduct it with emotionally-based decisions. All the Etiquette books out there, I think of wonderful experts like Emily Post and Miss Manners, provide tips, guidelines, and suggestions about how to engage with people socially.And here you are thinking of something quick you just wanted to say to them, and it is pm, am, am… However, do not start sending these out on a daily basis to your new Prospective Dates who have graciously given you their phone number. They gave you their phone number to arrange to meet for a First Date. Let them choose to connect and follow you at the Social Networking sites only after you two have met and established a level of acquaintance after a few dates before you do.

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