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The journal would have helped to keep memories alive. Athan) ex-boys who have the entry journal and can send me a copy or a spare original if you have one it would be most helpful to put us on the map.In the interim I will rack my brain and search my old photographs to see what I can come up with.I joined the RAF in 1950 and discharged February 1952. I am now in my mid 70s so are there any members of this unit still around especially in the Herne Bay, Canterbury area?

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"Chota" Jacques - He who nurtured the stick insects in our barracks! I would love to get to say hello to this man if possible. [email protected] I am looking for Flight lieutenant Phillip Newbury Howard I think he was with No 75 Squadron. Shona-maree Howard (0274308202) Acting Pilot Officer John Smith Does anyone remember John Smith an Acting pilot officer training in Jurby Isle of man He was there January to march 1952 and often danced at the villa marina. He came from Bolton Lancashire the son of a Doctor.

Ian Burrell Hi I'm looking for my first love, Charles Feringer who was at Mildenhall in the 1970s. I wonder is anyone out there recognises themselves or relatives. Any information about him or his son Ian Phillip Howard. Kind Regards, Marian Smith I am looking to contact my father Clifford Moss or anyone who may have known him. At the time His family came from Lancashire- possibly the Preston area. Many thanks Maggie Pettit I am trying to contact Barry Paxton who was a RAF Technician in Malaysia, Singapore, or Hong Kong in the mid 1960's .

John died in 2011 Aged 79 he was the love of my life I wonder if he is remembered ?? Mrs Marian Smith Kind Regards, Marian Smith Flight Lieutenant Vince Hobbs Is there anyone out there who flew with Flight Lieutenant Vince Hobbs on the Vulcan B2 XM652 Waddington in 1978.

I understand from what records I could find he sadly died aged 32 in 1981 although I am unable to find how.

I seem to recall that an Entry photograph was was taken between two of the hangers on the airfield training site.

Is there anyone still out there who has a copy of the entry photograph?

We were a listening station during the cold war in 1952/3 listening to Russian language and morse. I have even lost all my training notes and more important, our entry journal, to an attack of woolly bugs whilst stationed at Changi, Singapore in 1964 to 67.

I was trained first at Compton basset and then RAF withal. The little mites got into my deep sea box in the store room of our barrack block and devoured almost everything.

Mary Bell and Peter Green Does anybody have contact details for: - Mary Bell, medic - Biggin Hill 1969/71 Peter Green, Chef - Biggin Hill also 1969/71.

Pls contact Pearl Rogers ( X Biggin Hill P Dickson ) Via Face Book, Melbourne Australia or 61 359772184 I would like any information on Cpl WRAF Florence Mary (Terry) Nettel who served with me in Gibraltar 1964/1966 She was an AATC at the time and was I believe posted to Little Rissington after Gibraltar.

This episode is about the impact of this on one base but also about waiting for a war that, if it comes, may be decided by actions taken in its first few minutes.

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