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First, only 1 out of every 691 babies born in the United States have Downs’ Syndrome, or about 5,000 a year.

There are about 3,000 Downs’ Syndrome related abortions per year. In other words, DS accounts for less than 0.4% of abortions. Second, the dysgenic threat posed by Downs’ Syndrome fecundity is … “The idea that there are capable women out there who are aborting their babies as they delay marriage and climb the corporate ladder is a fantasy.

Can we reasonably expect a culture that sanctions killing off its own posterity to be anything other than indifferent to its own long term survival?

“First of all, the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic.

None of these things, which were strongly taboo until a few decades ago, are conducive to racial flourishing.

We shouldn’t be surprised that they are all strongly associated with racial and cultural degeneration.

When an intelligent, responsible woman does have an abortion, it is often because the baby has a disease or the pregnancy threatens her health, not because she or her boyfriend forget to use contraception.” Except for the fact that this isn’t true: “Poor women not trying to conceive are also three times more likely to get pregnant than their higher income counterparts (9 percent compared to 3 percent), and ultimately at 5 times more likely to give birth.

In addition, , with 32 percent in the highest income bracket having an abortion compared to 9 percent of low-income terminations.

In 2011, it was estimated that there are now 30 percent fewer people with the disorder in the United States due to prenatal diagnosis.

In the future, as such technologies improve, what the Left calls “reproductive freedom” will continue to be the justification for private-sector eugenics.” This is ridiculous for two reasons: 1.

Most members of the alt Right applaud countries like Japan and South Korea for having low out-of-wedlock birth rates and not taking in Muslim or African refugees.


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