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Well, as much as it saddens me to report this, Quadd Lunceford and Mariah Huq are no longer friends, following season 1 of Married to Medicine.

Things have gotten so bad that restraining orders have been filed, production has been halted on severaloccasions, and network executives have gotten involved. If you are curious as to what the central theme of Season 2 of Married to Medicine will be, wonder no more.

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Purses hit the floor, someone was escorted out the restaurant, people were called b!

itches, all while patrons were trying to tootsie roll down to da bar.

Supposedly the cast asked that Mariah not be allowed to attend.

Production, having their own issues with Mariah gladly obliged them.

because when you have that 3d dusted eyeshadow and liner on, girl that hurts all of my eyes and my feelings.

Please stop that, Oh ummmm girl you need a real colorist so we won’t see those bad roots.

Quiet as its kept, Marriah filed a restraining order against Reco Chapple earlier this month, but lost the case in court yeterday ( 11/25/13) after failing to convince the judge that she feared for her life.

It’s been reported that non of the cast is really featuring Mariah.

Ohh if any of y’all care, that white women with all those lips wont be returning for season two.


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